School Visits

Eastry 2Arrange for the Bug Roadshow to visit your school and the children will have an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  The visit can be tailored to your requirements whether the pupils are studying rainforests, mini beasts, life cycles or any other topic that is bug-related. 

They get to learn all about their life cycles, defences, camouflage, and why bugs are so important in their everyday lives.  The children also get to hold the bugs and get up really close and see that they are not to be feared but are fascinating creatures.  Many teachers say that the children get so much out of a visit because they can actually hold some of the live bugs.  I also bring along cases of preserved giant Moths, Butterflies and Beetles.  Also I have skins that insects have shed, moth cocoons and giant beetles that can be handled.  There are also a large amount of photographs showing a whole array of different insects demonstrating camouflage, colours, shapes, defences and microscopic shots of bugs that occur on the human body -  which children especially love!

The sessions can last as long as you like, but to get the most out of a visit it is suggested that each session lasts about an hour with 6 to 18 pupils at a time.

At certain times of year I do have spare ova or larva that I can leave with the teacher, so that they can be reared in the classroom for the children to study and enjoy, at no extra cost.

I have an enhanced DBS check and can also provide a risk assessment for the visit.

To see some photos of what I do on school visits take a look at these links:…/a-visit-from-the-b…/

Prices start at just £60.00 for a morning or afternoon session, or £100.00 for a whole day, so please ask for a quote.


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