5th October
Had a very busy day yesterday at Samphire Hoe for Eurotunnel’s 25th birthday celebrations. The Hoe was closed to the public and all of Eurotunnel staff and families came down (about 350 of them) and had a great time! I managed to get a few photos before it started and then I was swamped by loads of bug-hugging children and some of the braver adults! There were about a dozen hospitality staff from France who came in and hugged a few bugs before it started and one came back at the end because she was desperate to hold an Atlas Moth! The spin-painting activity was not that far away from the bugs, and I was assured they wouldn’t get splattered with fluorescent paint, but one young boy dropped his pot of paint into the machine and everybody got sprayed but luckily I escaped that fate! All of the children had a ‘passport’ that they had to get stamped by the various attractions to claim a prize, and I was telling them they had to eat a Meal-worm before I was allowed to stamp their passport! Some did and they liked them! I met previous ‘customers’ that I had met at birthday parties and other events so it was good to catch up! One ‘customer’ was only 2 and she loves holding ‘Millie’ the Millipede, and she gave her a kiss again when she left! In the evening there was live music and drink for the adults in the giant marquee which went on until 11pm, but I had to take my bugs home and put them to bed, so unfortunately couldn’t partake! So it was great fun and a shame it had to end!
4th October
I was invited back to The Downs Primary School in Deal today to show two Reception classes my bugs. One class came from Northbourne Primary School, saw the bugs and went back to Forest School! All of the children were really well behaved and very polite, so it was a joy to show them my bugs! Most held at least one moth and many had a moth on their noses so well done for being so brave! Really friendly school and staff and a great school dinner to boot! After lunch a few children came in to see the bugs, some of whom had seen them on my last visit last year, followed by two Brownies who saw them at their Brownie meeting a couple of years ago! When their parents picked the children up after school quite a few came in to see the bugs, and the children loved telling them all about them. Thanks for inviting me, had a great time, and congratulations both children and staff for making my visit a great one!
2nd October
Today I was invited to Grayson and Bear’s Personal Bug Session. They both love bugs, and I was also invited to Grayson’s birthday party last year which is when I first met them both. So, they held all of the bugs (about 15 times), Grayson ate about half a pot of meal-worms (again), did that at his party as well – loves them, kissed a Millipede’s butt, (as you do) and the bugs kept them occupied for about 2 -3 hours, so we all had a great time! They are only three by the way! Thanks for inviting me again hope to see you all again soon!

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